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Рецензия на Wozzeck - Act IV в Vital Weekly

Рецензия на Wozzeck - Act IV в Vital Weekly, номер 806.

WOZZECK - ACT IV (CD by Opposing Music)
A conventional rock jazz lineup of drums, sax, guitar, vocals and electronics steaming into a post-punk improvised fusion of industrial sound.
From an intro of feedback drums beat sax's honk
and on and on it pounds relentlessly into nowhere. Screams wails and uproar… Certainly not noise as noise, Russia is still in some nightmare of social and political injustice, corruption and dire poverty of pointless struggle at mere existence to have the time, space or money to enjoy the luxury of alogical continental philosophy. As if the war never ended for them in 1945, and never will. Condemned to remain forever in this nightmare of eternal violence. The *only* hope in this grim catalogue of Russian music is that it might just be a fake…? (jliat)

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